5 top tips for tranquil global travel

When you’ve suffered a sustained assault from the slings and arrows of a hectic existence for too long, it’s time to think of a rescue plan to restore life/work balance before a burnout blitz.
You could choose retail therapy, but the buzz of purchasing a pair of killer heels or terrific tech gadget soon subsides, and that gnawing feeling that a more radical realignment is necessary soon returns.

A change of scenery is really what’s called for, and you’ll need more than a weekend break — a travel sabbatical for a few months or more will stop you feeling off-kilter and provide the creative space to formulate life-enhancing plans for your return. To proceed smoothly and calmly, you’ll need to iron out the logistics with prior planning. With that
in mind, here are five top tips for tranquil global travel.

1. Travel advisories
Staying safe during your adventure comes first and foremost and it should be your prime consideration.

US travelers can check the latest guidance at government travel advice site Travel.State.Gov for any
worldwide territory and many nations now have equivalent services for their citizens.

2. Find your consulate
In the unlikely event that you get in a sticky situation with local law abroad, knowing the location of your national consulate is crucial. But they’re also happy to provide useful information on anything from securing a visa to a safe place to stay — American citizens should check USEmbassy.gov for more details.

3. Flights
Once you’ve settled on your itinerary and know which hotspots you want to hit when, make savings on flights by booking early and grabbing early-bird bargains. An online flight comparison site saves you endless hours trawling through individual Google results and Skyscanner.net is one of the most trusted in cyberspace.

4. Inside knowledge
Even if you don’t intend moving abroad permanently, staying in a foreign location for weeks or months at a time requires more in-depth info than is available from typical tourist publications.
So reading the annual Expat Insider report from immigrant community site InterNations provides pertinent rankings on categories like the best places for male and female travelers, ease of settling in, working abroad and the cost of living. There are also individual nationality reports with specific tips from people from your home nation.

5. Car convenience
Hiring or buying your own vehicle is often the best way of getting around an overseas city and taking trips to rural retreats a little further afield.
It’s fairly common for gap year travelers in Australia, who’ll pool funds to purchase a reliable ride on a car comparison site like carsales.com.au.

And whether you’re based in San Diego or Seattle, stow your vehicle securely and cheaply in a facility from airport parking site Looking4.com — it provides peace of mind while you’re jetting off for a wild weekend in the next state.
These five tranquil tips will help you hop around the world while remaining as laid-back as Buddha — you can thank us later.

That’s our list! Share your own relaxed travel tips in the comments section.

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