“Paula is crazy and likes weird stuff”

Yes, that’s me! Most of all I’m a passionate traveler. Probably just like you 🙂

And how do I start blogging?

Well, this blog is a consequence of my nearly 4 months trip to Southeast Asia where I visited India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I’m a solo female traveler.

One day, just another normal day, I watched the movie Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts and I found it very inspiring. Why not doing something like that?

I now realize this was the starting point for my research. After the movie, I started searching for the cheapest countries to travel and I got an interesting area on the map covered with my marks. That was Southeast Asia, a place on Earth I actually would love to visit in my dreams.

I haven’t decided anything, but this research is turning more and more interesting for me as I see images from other travelers to those countries. I start making a route and analyze all costs that could be involved and if there is a way I could make them lower.

After all the maths I came to a verdict. It is possible! I can do this “crazy” thing of traveling for months with a low budget. I have reached a decision!

At this point, I think I also wasn’t believing I will do that, just like my friends that thought I was just dreaming around. The problem is that the “travel bug” in on me now. I have searched over and over for months to find it is doable, so now I need to do it. I guess I only truly believed it will be happening when I buy my flight to Delhi haha.

I asked for a special license at work, I backpack my things and leave Portugal to the unknown.

Turns out that this was the best decision in my life and the experience was so good that now I’m writing about it on the blog. I would like to share with others how incredible and unique traveling the world can be by telling my stories and try to instigate others to do the same, as I trust every one should experience such feelings.


This is not just another travel blog. This is about my experiences and sharing with the world what is waiting for you out there and how every day can be an exciting new challenge.

Cause the only thing no one ever regrets is to travel. And yes, it is possible to travel on a really low budget!

So, after this big adventure, I went back to Portugal to find that this trip changed me and I don’t fit in European ideals of life anymore. There is too many rules, too many grumpy and greedy people. I have a new quest now: pursue happiness.

That’s what my bike trip is about, living again the happiest moments I had in Asia, and those were in Myanmar. Coming back means happy days, so I started to work on it, seeing it as a project that I must complete. After getting the right partners, I’m going back to my favorite country to travel with a Portuguese bicycle and be free, happy and adventurous.

I will stay in Asia for a while and that’s the plan I have: no plan is the best plan.

And remember:  While you stay at home -there is a world out there-

After my bicycle trip, I stayed in Asia for 1,5 years. I lived in Vietnam for 1 year and traveled the rest of the time. I was stranded in Laos because of the Covid pandemic. That’s when I went back to Portugal where I stayed throughout most of the Pandemic time.

Once I could, I left for Thailand, in Oct 2021, where I lived for 8 months before moving to Vietnam where I’ve been living for 2 years now. Southeast Asia is my home and you’ll find many articles about all the places I have visited while living around. Enjoy 🙂


Como tudo começou, na entrevista com Manuel Luis Goucha: