Magical Mrauk-U sunrise, Myanmar

Mrauk-U is a place like no other in the world. I saw the most breathtaking Mrauk-U sunrise ever there, not only for the colors in the sky but for all the surreal ambiance. It’s location among several hills with strategically[…]

Exploring Yangon by bicycle

As I have visited many attractions of Yangon the first time I visited the city, this time I dedicated all my time to explore it by bicycle. This is not such a easy task as the traffic here is very[…]

Going from Mrauk-U to Yangon

Mrauk-U is now my favorite place in Myanmar when I thought nothing could beat Bagan. You will not get tired of Pagodas here as the experience of cycling on those bumpy streets it’s already enough to make you love this[…]