Discover the sound of India

Music is very important to me. Each place I visit I paid attention to its sounds, as I always like to have at least one music from the visited countries to remember later. Thus, I have my sound of India.

India has different sounds accordingly to where you are. For example the sound of visiting a Hindu temple. I associate with this:

But, the sound of walking on Indian streets isn’t so relaxing. For me, the sound of Indian streets is a little like this:

I remember walking on a very crowded small street where cars barely fit, and the whistle was so constant that I started absorbing the sound in such an intense way that I couldn’t hear anything else. I was just thinking: I need to get out of here quickly before I go crazy…

But, the real sound of India for me is a music my hoster at the Big Brothers hostel showed me. As always, we were listening to music while having long conversations in the reception room, when he plays this music. I immediately stopped to ask what is this song. It was so pleasant to my hears that I wanted it to be my Indian Song. In fact, Atif Aslam, the singer, is not even Indian. He is a Pakistanese guy that a lot of Indians know about and admires the vocal skills. I don’t mind he isn’t Indian, I will adopt his music as the sound of India. Listening to the countries music reminds me of the moments I lived there and brings me some nostalgia that I like to feel so I never forget what I experienced in the past. And so it is nowadays. I keep on listening to this music repeatedly over the days and I LOVE IT! Walking in India with this sound makes another sense.

Meanwhile, I found another music from this artist that I also enjoy listening. I think this guy is really a great singer. I hope you enjoy!

I’ve been listening to Asian songs since this trip. Those musics are my playlist nowadays.

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