The sunrise in Mrauk-U isn't describable. You will never get the real feeling through a description as you don't listen to the sounds of the birds or feel the sunrays.

Magical Mrauk-U sunrise, Myanmar

Mrauk-U is a place like no other in the world. I saw the most breathtaking Mrauk-U sunrise ever there, not only for the colors in the sky but for all the surreal ambiance.

It’s location among several hills with strategically placed pagodas at the hilltops, turns this view incredible. As the morning fog fades away, the pagodas are revealed and the magical land can be seen. Meanwhile, the sounds around you only help to create the perfect set. The birds and some local music in town is everything you can listen to. while watching Mrauk-U sunrise.

As I fell in love with this place, I decided to create a video so I will never forget how magical it was to ride my Ympek bicycle there. I created an amateur video that shows a little bit of what a Mrauk-U sunrise looks like at the Golden Hill. You will also not find many other travelers here as this is not touristic at all.



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