I know some music's that keeps me nostalgic about each experience I lived in the country. I get in contact with Myanmar music on my bus ride.

Myanmar music- the reflection of a country

Just like in India I have some music that keeps me nostalgic about each experience I lived in the country, the same happens with Myanmar. I get in contact with Myanmar music on my bus ride from Bagan to Inle Lake and I loved it.

They had a TV on the bus showing the music videos while the songs were playing. They were very fun for me. Their music videos are the reflection of the country and you can see how is real Myanmar by watching them. They reflect the culture, people’s lives, how smiley they are, and how happy they look. For me, there is no better way of seeing Burmese people as they are than this Myanmar music videos.

I fell in love with them and even nowadays, 4 months after being there, I still listen to those musics every day. I have my own playlist that makes me “fly” again to Myanmar. I feel that music just like I’m there right now and they remind me how this country is amazing. They still put a smile on my face. They mean the world to me, I get chills while listening to some of them reminding me how good Myanmar is.

There is one music that I never found, that was the music I was listening to everywhere. If I listen to it today I would recognize it, but I haven’t found it. Instead, I found a lot of musics that reach my heart. Some are extremely funny for showing how Myanmar is so different from any country in the world, and others make me feel the happiness and peace I felt while in this magical land.

This one is special to me. I have been listening to it for a long time, but when I was revising the videos I made during my trip I listen to this sound. I get chills and tears come to my eyes. I can’t explain why. I remember recording this video during a train ride just to catch the music that the woman behind me was singing and I’m so glad I did it. It’s a beautiful music with an enchanting Myanmar music video:

I assume the quality isn’t the best, that also shows you how underdeveloped Myanmar is. Here are some funny ones:


Here’s some that show you how beautiful this country is:

If you are interested in Myanmar, you can find more Music videos that show how special this country is by searching for Manaw on YouTube. – this is my favorite Burmese singer-

Most of all, I think you can learn a lot about Myanmar culture trough these music videos.

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