My favorite country is Myanmar. This is the time to visit this country, and I found a video about Myanmar that can pull the travel bug in you.

The Myanmar video you need to watch

As you already know, my favorite country is Myanmar, so I like to share all I know about it, inclusively this Myanmar video. For one side I would like more people to know about this place, but for another one I know it was so special to me because it is so untouched comparing to many countries of the world.

But many people will not understand why this country is so amazing and why I haven’t met anyone saying bad things about it. I realized that some people don’t even know it as Myanmar, but still as Burma. In fact, there aren’t many tourists in this country. At least I found myself as the only foreigner around most part of the time.

This is the time to visit this country, and I found a Myanmar video that can pull the travel bug in you and make you understand what you can see in Myanmar. I need to share it. It shows how unique features this country has and how you can see things here that you won’t find anywhere else.

This video is from Oliver Astrologo that uses to create some mesmerizing videos about different countries. This one is also my favorite of him.

Oliver Astrologo is a world-renowned film director that specializes in video making & photography serving global fashion and travel brands for the past 15 years. For this Myanmar video, he also created another one that shows the behind the scenes. So, if you also find the work of Oliver a masterpiece, you need to subscribe to its channel on youtube and be prepared to start wishing flying to those countries.

Oliver Astrologo youtube channel!

*feature image from the video

“Wander around enchanted lakes, into fairy ancient towns blanketed in mysterious mist and you will be smitten with the delicate and sincere beauty of Myanmar. Go beyond the sparkling golden pagodas or the beautiful beaches and let the gentle winds guide your hot-air balloon on the best ride in the air you ever had.” – Oliver states

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