If you’re thinking of visiting Australia, you may have got Melbourne and Sydney in mind, but take a moment to consider an uncovered treasure: Perth

One (or Four) Reasons To Visit Perth

If you’re thinking of visiting Australia, you may have got Melbourne and Sydney in mind, but before you book your tickets, take a moment to consider that there’s more to the great nation Down Under than vineyards and opera houses. While certainly not an uncovered treasure, Perth still has plenty for curious travelers and tourists to explore, so here is one, two, three, and four reasons to visit Perth.


For The Beaches

You can find beaches anywhere around the Australian coast, but none of these destinations hold a candle to the world-class beaches you’ll find in Perth. Stretching from Hillarys to Fremantle, you can enjoy endless white sands just begging for you to lie down and bask in the sunshine. Arguably the best place to go is Cottesloe, which in addition to pristine seafront also offers cafes, places for lunch, and a sunset that seems almost too perfect to be believed. 


For The Night Life

Most people can have fun anywhere they go, but inner-city Northbridge is on a whole other level and requires you to merely step inside any of the bars along the street. For fans of live music, Northbridge has you covered. If you prefer to step into dark, and dancified mega clubs, you’ll find that too. Simply put, the Perth nightlife has a little something for everyone, and is a fantastic place to unwind after a day of activities. 


For a Walk in the Park

If you prefer to take things a little slower, than a day spent in the biggest inner-city park not just in Australia, but also the world will give you fresh air, exercise, and something that doesn’t demand much energy at all. Kings Park covers 400 hectares and features both wild bushland and carefully crafted gardens, so you get an idea of all Australia has to offer in this not-so-tiny microcosm. 

You can catch 70 types of birds, over 300 Western Australian plants, and trees older than most of the buildings. If you’ve got kids, they can spend all day enjoying the play parks while you and your partner take in the best skyline view the city has to offer. 


For the Wildlife

No itinerary for visiting Perth is complete without considering the wildlife you’ll encounter while there. Whether you head to Perth Zoo or Rottnest Island, there are plenty of cool, cute, and unique wildlife to see with your own two eyes. 

One of these animals is the quokka of Roger Federer selfie fame, but there are plenty of other critters you can capture a snap of during your trip. If you want to sample the local wildlife, Perth also offers some of the best seafood you’ll find in Australia including lobster, marron, prawns, and scallops to sufficiently fill your stomach after a day of exploring and before a night on the town. 



Whether you spend a week, two weeks, or a whole month, you’ll get the chance to discover everything that Perth has to offer, and when you do, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get there in the first place. 

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