My solo trip in India reaches the end. Well, I wasn't totally alone, I was traveling with SpongeBob which turned a lot of moments into fun ones.

Review from my 2 week solo trip to India

My solo trip in India reaches the end. Well, I wasn’t totally alone, I was traveling with SpongeBob which turned a lot of moments into fun ones. The looks from the people looking at me like: what the hell? was very funny. I noted not so many Indians know SpongeBob…

Anyway, India has been the most challenging experience in my life. I went feeling much afraid of what could have happened to me and I end this trip very happy for visiting this country alone and being able to make it enjoying it fully. I could have spent bad days if I didn’t decide to give a chance to India to show me how incredible it is.

I made one of my dreams come true- visiting the Taj Mahal, and I was able to volunteer around it. That was definitely one of the best experiences in my life. I saw things I never expected to see, I met incredible people, I learned to like India as it is, and I hope it doesn’t change much as there is no country like this one on earth. I use to say that India is like a different world inside our world.


I don’t like much Delhi, I don’t think it’s a city that will make you fall in love for India.

I loved Agra for my lovely Taj Mahal and my volunteering experience. I would repeat it 100 times. I met so many cool people here. My hosters taught me a lot. Thank you for all the chai.

I loved Varanasi, the city I never searched about. It was the most pleasant surprise I could have. It’s such a unique city. I enjoyed meeting a lot of people here.

Kolkata doesn’t cheer me up so much. It’s a nice city, but the one closest to our European ways, even having nothing to do with it. I prefer places that are the total opposite I’m used to.

But most of all, I conclude that people you meet are the most important part of your trip. Maybe I feel this way about those cities because of it. I have met no one in Delhi or Kolkata.


It was in this country where are my favorite Hostels, it is from this country I have more frightening stories to tell, and the happiest ones either.

-meeting cool people in Agra-

I confess I spent really bad moments in India, and some of them I wouldn’t do it the same. They were too scary because of the bad ideas I got in my mind about this fabulous country back from home. I felt the most fear in my life in this country, but that doesn’t prevent me to like India.

If you are a female solo traveler, dare to go. Of course, you need to be careful, dress properly and be cautious, but India is a worthy experience. You will meet A LOT of solo female travelers also. A solo trip to India is not so bad as it might look.

India is the country where you meet the coolest travelers.

Check the best photos from my solo trip to India.

Finally, I have to say I love India and I want to go back to visit more cities.

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