Last year I visited Thailand in April having no idea that they celebrate their New Year's in this month. It is Songkran, or the water festival.

Songkran festival in Thailand: Bangkok

Last year I visited Thailand in April having no idea that they celebrate their New Year’s in this month. I discovered it while traveling in the country as other travelers were talking about it: Songkran. I had no idea what was going on during those days, and I’m so glad that I was able to live this particular event in the country.
Songkran will be happening just before I leave the country, in fact, I left the country one day after it finished. And it was so much fun!

Songkran or the water festival is a unique event in Asia, and many countries celebrate it the same way: pouring water to each other. Countries like Myanmar and Cambodia also celebrate it. I decided to spend those days in Bangkok, as in fact, I would be leaving from Bangkok to Siem Reap in Cambodia with a free ticket that a traveler I met on the way gave to me as she would not use it anyway. I’ve heard that Songkran is massive in Bangkok, so I’m super excited about it. I went to Khao San road and nearby. The streets are closed to traffic and everyone is shooting water to whoever is walking on the street.

You will find many water guns for sale on the street. From the most sophisticated ones with several meters of reach to simpler ones that fulfill the purpose anyway. My “weapon” was a water bottle with a hole on the top. It serves the purpose: get people wet or defend yourself when someone “attacks”.
There are several places selling water to refill your gun as you will need a lot of water. The colder the better. It is so hot during this time that actually no one bothers if you hit him with a nice warm water gun. So, all the fun comes when you hit people with freezing cold water. It even hurts your bones!!!

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Besides knowing that people will get wet, locals and myself, are fully dressed. But, of course, tourists come here thinking that it is too hot to put some clothes on. I’m glad there are many more locals than “naked” foreigners in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. Is disgusting. There are too many people so everyone is pushing each other and inevitably bodies get in contact. Now, can you imagine if everyone decided to go shirtless?? It would be a mess of sweaty bodies rubbing each other. Not cool! Besides water, the locals have some kind of clay that they pour in the face, but in such a gentle way, that I don’t mind. Now, you can add mud to the previous thought of naked bodies rubbing each other. Yeah, disgusting!

Anyway, Songkran is a unique event that I loved to experience. It is so much fun. The streets are wet, the people too, and no one minds to be shot by a stranger or getting some clay in its mouth haha. Music is all over the place and luckily it isn’t Western music. I even know music that means Songkran for me as it was playing everywhere.

You will also find waterproof bags for sale as you can’t hit the road without getting wet, and your things will get very wet too, so you just bring your cellphone with you and its protecting plastic cover.

Get ready to be wet and have really fun moments in Thailand during Songkran!

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