Going from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Going from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Going from Bangkok to Siem Reap wasn’t hard. As previously mentioned, I haven’t paid for this trip as the ticket was offered to me by a girl that wasn’t going to use it.

I departed from Bangkok one day after the Songkran, but it was still holiday time in Cambodia. The bus was leaving from Khao San road at 1 AM. We arrive early at the border. It was around 6 AM and to cross the border we gave our passports to the guy from the bus that guided us through all the process. It was super cool. Just needed to fill some document and that was it. I had an e-visa already so I wouldn’t be scammed at the border. The process didn’t take long. Guess we were lucky! I’ve been listening to some bad experiences at this border as they try to scam tourists a lot, so spending a bit more choosing a good bus company it’s a good idea. Also, I was never so attacked by mosquitos as in this border. As soon as the bus opens the doors for a while, the inside is full of mosquitos, so take some repellent with you.

Once the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap stops in the city, the tourists are approached by several tuk-tuk drivers that are trying to take us to the hostel. On the bus, I understand that we have free transport to our stay, so I say no to these guys. Apparently we don’t, so I get back to the same place to find a tuk-tuk to take me to my Hostel. It wasn’t far, but I have no data or Maps.me, so I have no idea where to go.

It looks like they have some kind of a tuk-tuk line at this place and you can only go with the next driver if the previous one has a client. So, I have told no to one guy before and now I’m going with the next one. That was a problem. On the way to the Hostel, we stop so this guy I declined a tuk-tuk could argue with me saying that I’ve told him I don’t need a tuk-tuk and now I’m in one. He was very mad and I had no idea what is going on, cause I only realized about this rule later. What the hell! Now I can’t choose with whom I’m going? How am I supposed to know about this? This whole situation really stressed me out cause he was very rude and scary.

This day I haven’t done much more. Slept a few hours once I arrived as I couldn’t sleep much on the bus. Then had dinner and that was it. Because of this experience of the tuk-tuk once I get there on the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap, my first impression of Cambodia wasn’t the best. Also, the place doesn’t look enchanting…

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