Going from Khao Sok to Bangkok by train

I went from Khao Sok to Bangkok by sleeping train during the Songkran holiday. Some people were fearing that transports wouldn’t work the same way, but the trains were normal. I left Khao Sok very happy that I visited such a place, heading to Bangkok where Songkran is supposed to be big.

Just one day after it, I will leave to Cambodia with a ticket that another traveler I met here gave me. She wouldn’t use it, so she gave it to me cause coincidently the ticket was for the same day that I planned to leave the country. She bought it because some airlines ask you for the ticket out of the country before you can board the airplane. No one asked me for proof of leaving. That’s why she had this useless ticket and lucky me, it was with a good company.

So, I depart from Khao Sok to Bangkok on a minivan heading to Surat Thani train station. I bought the soonest ticket possible but still needed to wait 4 hours in the station. Luckily there was another foreigner on the same minivan so we spent some time together. The train isn’t the cheapest option to travel, but I wanted to sleep during the night, thing that I can’t do on a bus.

Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok is a place I didn't know about a few days ago, but I'm so happy someone told me about it. This is the most beautiful place ever.

Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok is a place I didn't know about a few days ago, but I'm so happy someone told me about it. This is the most beautiful place ever.

We went to have dinner nearby the station as there are some street food sellers. Of course, there is a 7 Eleven nearby too. We were having dinner a little bit before my train arrives. And I had the idea that my train was at 20h41. It was probably my lucky star, but out of nowhere, I remember to have a look at my ticket. It states 20h14 and not 20h41 like I thought all the time.
I look at the clock and it’s 20h10. That’s when I start to freak out! My friend had just gone to 7 eleven to buy some stuff while I stayed at the table and looked after both our backpacks. I’m panicking as my train will be there in 4 minutes and I’m not at the station, but luckily I’m nearby. So, I grab all my stuff, ask the woman of the street food to please take care of this guy’s luggage, run to 7 eleven to tell him I’m leaving and shout it from the door so he can listen inside. I run as fast as I can and get to the station just in time. I was so stressed that wasn’t even finding my ticket anywhere haha
But, the train was a few minutes delayed, so all the rush wasn’t so desperately necessary as I thought. This sleeping train is pretty comfy. I’m not sharing a bunker with someone. I’m in the corridor and have a curtain to have privacy. For me, it was an awesome train as the other sleeping trains I had before were in India.

I arrive in Bangkok early morning the next day. It’s already Songkran day, so the streets look pretty empty in the morning. Can’t say the same about the afternoon. I spent all days of Songkran in Bangkok having such a fun time. After it, I’m going to Siem Reap.

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